5 Reasons You Should Attend Star Trek Social Club!3 min read

Star Trek Social Club is business networking with a difference. Launching this Wednesday the new virtual event will bring together professionals from a wide array of industries using Star Trek and general geekery as the great connector.

Still deciding whether this new networking event is for you? Here are 5 reasons you should give Star Trek Social Club a go!

5. It’s FREE!

It wouldn’t be a Star Trek event if we charged, would it? We’re sure there are plenty of Ferengi-centric networking events that already do that!

Star Trek Social Club is, and will always be completely free to attend. This is a not-for-profit event that simply seeks to help business professionals connect around something we all love. Plus we’re leaning quite heavily on the Star Trek brand here and we don’t want to upset anyone!

Membership and Sponsorship opportunities are available via Patreon. These allow you to gain priority during the introductions part of each meeting and add your branding to each event.

The money raised from this covers our costs and that’s it. Any surplus money will be saved and donated to a charity that patrons will be able to choose from.

4. It’s Worldwide

Most networking organisations are local. At Star Trek Social Club we dare to dream a little bigger by opening meetings up to everyone.

Our first meeting is expected to bring together professionals from multiple countries, something that might lead to new connections being made, and perhaps eventually, new international business relationships.

Globalisation is a very Trek philosophy, and it’s something we’re proud to support during these difficult times.

3. It’s Filled with Knowledge!

The best networking events are the ones you leave having learned something new, amirite?

That’s what we’re attempting to do with Star Trek Social Club. Each event will feature a short presentation from leading professionals in their respective field.

Each speaker is being chosen for their openness and willingness to share their mistakes and triumphs so that you may benefit.

This is an attitude we want our attendees to share. We’re here to collaborate and enrich our businesses, so let’s share our collective knowledge!

2. It’s Not A Commitment

There are still a lot of networking organisations that require commitment. You HAVE to attend x number of meetings each month to remain a member.

That sounds pretty Cardassian to us, so we’ll never do it.

Star Trek Social Club requires zero commitment. You pick and choose the meetings you want to come to.

Furthermore you can take from these meetings whatever you want. Want to take part in the introductions but dip out of the rest? That’s fine. Here for the knowledge and that’s it? Totally cool!

How you use this networking event is up to you, and you’ll never hear otherwise from us!

1. It’s for EVERYONE

Don’t be put off by the name ‘Star Trek Social Club’. Yes, this is a place where we can connect professionally through our love of the great franchise, but this doesn’t mean other geeks and other professionals need to feel they don’t belong. Because you do!

Personal experience has taught me that people in business often form stronger connections through shared experiences or passions. In this instance, we’re looking to connect people through their love of Star Trek, but this isn’t just exclusive to the Trek franchise.

Whatever your fandom. Whatever your passion. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our events.

But…I mean… who wouldn’t want to be a Trekkie?

Convinced? We hope so! Come and join our next Star Trek Social Club event!