The Galaxy’s Worst Klingons5 min read

Klingons, for the most part, are pretty awesome. An ancient race renowned (and feared) across our corner of the galaxy, the Klingon people have a passion for brutal battle, a fierce dedication to a strict code of honor, and an unspoken love of poetry and prune juice.

But like any other civilisation in the known universe, they’re not short of a few bad eggs. There is, unfortunately, a small, but very noticeable minority of dodgy characters, unable to conduct themselves to the same high standard as legendary kin like Kahless, Kor, Worf and Martock.

Some of these Klingons have proven themselves to be a real pain over the years.

So let’s name and shame some of them…


With a giant ship covered from bow to stern in rotting Klingon corpses, it didn’t take long for the former outcast T’Kuvma to become a bit of a problem for the Federation. While not overly evil, it was T’Kuvma’s charisma and ability to bring together the-then fractured houses of the Empire that made him a real pain in the ass.

Obsessively dedicated to their ancient and extreme ways, T’Kuvma didn’t live long enough to see his goal come to fruition, but his actions and eventual death lead to a period of bloody war, and that makes him pretty rubbish in my book.

Can be found in: Discovery


While T’Kuvma believed his actions were for the benefit of his people, Kol was just a nasty piece of work, a sorry excuse of a Klingon who sought only to destroy and add to the power of his house. Brutal to humans and members of his own race in equal measure, this horrible git hit new lows when he attempted to destroy an entire planet of peaceful non-corporeal beings.

Luckily, and thanks to a very dizzy Discovery, his destructive mission didn’t succeed.

Can be found in: Discovery


Kol’s father might have been even worse than his devious offspring. This one tried to de-stabilise the recently reassembled Klingon High Council by kidnapping a newborn baby and holding it for random.

So yeah, a total scumbag. Clearly the Klingon apple doesn’t fall far from the Klingon tree.

Can be found in: Discovery

The Klingons Who Picked A Fight With V’Ger

Klingons have a famous reputation for being a little too tough. Sometimes a little too tough for their own good.

Case in point: The time a group of Klingon warriors tried to start a fight with a giant space cloud.

Intercepting the Earth-bound V’Ger, a trio of battlecruisers quickly found themselves hopelessly outmatched by the mysterious entity’s devastating defense system. The sight of Klingons in full retreat is a rare sight, but that’s just what Epsilon Nine saw, picking up the footage just before a final volley of energy completely vaporised the last remaining K’t’inga-class warship.

Can be found in: The Motion Picture

Captain Kruge

Eager to win brownie points within the Empire, Kruge may have looked a little similar to certain Delorean-driving time traveler, but make no mistake, this Klingon commander was a complete tool.

Determined to learn the secret of the newly-formed Genesis planet, Kruge crossed the neutral zone, entering Federation space without permission from his superiors, obliterated a lightly-armed science vessel in an unprovoked attack, ordered the death of Kirk’s son and unwittingly sent the majority of his crew to the doomed Enterprise to a fiery demise.

An ill-advised trip ended with him being kicked off a cliff. Talk about an absolute nightmare.

Can be found in: The Search for Spock

Captain Klaa

Much like Kurge, Captain Klaa decided to take things into his own hands. Acting completely on his own, the young and inexperienced Klingon commander took on Kirk, and lost. Quite badly.

He couldn’t even kill a shuttlecraft.

Unlike Kurge however, he did find redemption of sorts. Finally under the order of his superiors (and with a little help from Spock), Klaa saved Kirk from the clutches of a smoky “God”, earning himself and his crew an invitation to a weird intergalactic cocktail party at the center of the galaxy.

Can be found in: The Final Frontier


Violence and brutality have long been traits of the Klingons but with the exception of the dastardly Duras family, deceit has been a weapon rarely employed by the proud warrior race.

D’Ghor seemingly didn’t get the memo. Instead of winning honor on the battlefield, this Klingon’s plan to gain power within the Empire were actually carefully calculated attempts to financially ruin an entire house.

To cap it off, he was willing to murder an unarmed Ferengi to achieve his goal. An act so unbecoming of the proud race you have to wonder if he himself was actually a Ferengi in disguise…

Can be found in: Deep Space Nine

General Chang

A real dinosaur of intergalactic relations, General Chang went to extraordinary lengths to try and derail peace talks between the Empire and the Federation following the devastating explosion of Praxis at the end of the 22nd century.

Determined to prevent a quadrant-changing era of peace between longtime enemies, Chang brilliantly utilised a prototypical Bird of Prey, capable of firing whilst cloaked, to frame Kirk for the assassination of the Klingon chancellor. This dastardly bald bastard even conspired with his sworn enemies to murder the Federation president.

Brilliant at quoting Shakespeare. Rubbish at most other things, especially covering up his ship’s gas emissions.

Can be found in: The Undiscovered Country

Literally Every Duras Ever

If Klingon trash TV has an equivalent of Jerry Springer you can bet your bat’leth that this dysfunctional family have been on it at some point.

Generations of devious Klingons, hellbent on taking out starship captains, and wrecking politics on Qo’noS, the Duras family have probably done more damage to the Klingon infrastructure than their oldest and worst enemies.

Just the worst family you could ever imagine. Terrible at space warfare too, the infamous Duras sisters couldn’t destroy the Enterprise D despite actually having the ship’s shield frequency.

Can be found in: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, Generations. Virtually everywhere.