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There’s no doubt about it; Kathryn Janeway is one lucky lady – no-one perishes as many times as her and lives to tell the tale. Perhaps it’s all the coffee she drinks, or that she hops through time and alternate dimensions more than a kangaroo at warp.

We don’t know, but what we do know for certain is that she has met her maker more times than we can remember, in one form or another. We’ve taken time out of staying alive to recall all the moments Voyager’s captain snuffed it and rank them by awesomeness.

15. Shuttle Explosion

As seen in ‘Coda’ (Season 3, Episode 15)

Probably the most disappointing of all the Janeway’s deaths, and death number two of four in this murderous Season 3 episode. After respawning back into the episode’s time loop, Janeway and Chakotay’s shuttle explodes as they flee from a Viidian attack.

Not much to note here, except at this point it’s safe to assume it’s not going to be Kathryn’s day.

14. A Threat That Warranted Use of the Photonic Cannon

As seen in ‘Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy’ (Season 6, Episode 4)

This ‘product of The Doctor’s imagination’ Janeway perishes from unknown causes, moments before the Doctor is forced to take swift decisive against it using his photonic cannon.

We know it can destroy a Borg sphere with a single shot so there’s no doubt that whatever killed her was a gruesome, unstoppable killing machine. It’s just a shame we weren’t treated to the spectacle.

13. Explosion That Hasn’t Happened Yet, But Already Has

As seen in ‘Time and Again’ (Season 1, Episode 4)

Voyager encounters across a planet which bore witness to a disaster – a disaster which is the result of a rescue attempt to retrieve Janeway and Paris from the planet’s past. It’s incredibly difficult to explain in a concise manner.

This one is a bit of a cop-out, as it comes from the premonitions from Kes’ enigmatic superbrain and we don’t get to see Janeway’s spectacular end in the polaric energy detonation. Nevertheless, she did die, or is about to die, depending on your perception of time. We’re only four episodes into Season 1 at this point and already Janeway’s taken a huge dump on linear time.

12. Strangulation

As seen in ‘Coda’ (Season 3, Episode 15)

Kate Mulgrew has a… strange way of portraying death (Let’s keep it PG here). Here she demonstrates this perfectly as a Viidian corners her in a cave, chokes her to death and then presumably harvests her organs. It’s not spectacular but it’s the first of a quadrilogy of deaths in this episode, so we have to start somewhere.

11. Ion Storm

As seen in ‘Coda’ (Season 3, Episode 15)

This demise is essentially the cause of all the evil that befalls Janeway in this episode. When a sadistic alien inhabits Janeway’s cerebral cortex masquerading as a near-death experience, our beloved captain bites the bullet no less than four times.

In this final passing, Janeway falls victim to the very storm that began her mental anguish. It’s uneventful, but witnessing the crew mourning the loss of their captain is a poignant moment that we see rarely in Star Trek programming.

10. Captain Braxton’s Shenanigans

As seen in ‘Relativity’ (Season 5, Episode 24)

Fed up with Janeway’s relentless meddling with the timeline, Captain Braxton of the Federation timeship Relativity decides to dispose of Voyager once and for all. With the aid of Seven of Nine, Braxton discovers that an alternative unstable version of himself sabotages Season 2-era Voyager with a temporal explosive which sends Janeway and her the crew to a wibbly wobbly death.

It’s no secret at this point that Braxton has a 20th century sized chip on his shoulder, and fair enough in all honesty. Janeway is never content with simply being a pain in the arse in the present she always finds a way to piss off the past and future too.

9. Disintegration

As seen in ‘Course: Oblivion’ (Season 5, Episode 18)

When the bio-mimetic version of the Voyager crew discover their origins, Duplicate Janeway ignores all advice to return to the ‘Demon Planet’ where the duplicate society would have thrived. Instead, she embarks on noble quest to continue to Earth on the off chance that the original crew have perished and they’re all that remain, only to disintegrate on the way.

Again, a potential cop-out as this is copy of the real Kathryn Janeway, but one cannot help but derive amusement from her slowly melting into her chair. Anyway, it’s her own fault – Clearly, Janeway’s sense of logic wasn’t duplicated.

8. Exploding Console

As seen in ‘Before and After’ (Season 3, Episode 21)

During a Krenim attack, Torres and Janeway are killed by an exploding console. Not the most spectacular way to go, but this glimpse into the following season’s Year of Hell is remarkable.

Viewers are treated to some prospective events of the Captain’s untimely demise, albeit in reverse, which include Chakotay as Captain and three generations of a Paris-Kes union. Perhaps that’s why we’ve ranked it so highly –  we’ve seen countless nondescript crew members bite the dust in this way. It would have been nice if main cast members were as vulnerable to sparking panels.

7. ‘Malfunctioning’ Phaser

As seen in ‘Worst Case Scenario’ (Season 3, Episode 25)

In a holographic recreation of a Maquis mutiny, Janeway fires her phaser rifle to neutralise the malevolent Seska, only for it to backfire and vaporise her. Pretty careless of Janeway to ignore the memo that the phasers in Storage Locker 3 had been ‘malfunctioning’.

The icing on the death cake here is Chakotay and Seska sharing a celebratory kiss following Janeway’s demise, much to Tuvok’s dismay. It seems Seska failed to follow the Vulcan Dictates of Poetics. Quite humourous when all’s said and done.

6. Stabbed by a Klingon

As seen in ‘Barge of the Dead’ (Season 6, Episode 3)

Following a fatal injury from an ion storm, Torres bears witness to a Klingon plunging a knife into the back of the poor Captain whilst on her way to hell.

It’s possibly the most brutal of all her deaths but Janeway accepts her fate with an honour that the High Council would be proud of. However, it’s hard not to feel cheated that it is just part of B’Elanna’s imagination.

5. Ensign Kim’s Incompetence

As seen in ‘Timeless’ (Season 5, Episode 6)

Not this guy again.

Kim’s inability to calculate phase corrections for Voyager’s new slipstream drive sends the Captain and the rest of the crew (excluding Chakotay) crashing to an icy death.

Some of the blame must fall on Kim here, but his ineptitude results in the best crash sequence the series has to offer. It’s more satisfying to blame Janeway’s blind desire to get home as quickly as possible. We always knew her fascination with Earth would be the death of her.

4. Self-Destruct

As seen in ‘Deadlock’ (Season 2, Episode 21)

Janeway essentially greets death with a polite ‘Hello’ literally seconds before the ship self-destructs. After the Viidian boarding party ransack the ship and pillage the crew’s organs, our favourite death-cheater bears no qualms about killing everyone on board to save them… wait, what?

Voyager and its crew are duplicated after the ship passes through a spatial scisson, so there’s a debate to be had over whether this is the original Janeway, but who cares?

3. Euthanised by The Doctor

As seen in ‘Coda’ (Season 3, Episode 15)

Janeway has contracted the Viidian Phage, a tragic affair to say the least. Despite spending consider resources curing the seemingly incurable in the past, The Doctor gives up on our beloved captain rather swiftly. He fills the force field that confines her with a fatal gas and watches as she pleads pointlessly for her life. He claims it’s the most humane action but this ranks highly on our list because of its sheer savagery.

2. Infecting The Borg With a Virus

As seen in ‘Endgame, Part 2’ (Season 7, Episode 26)

It should be everyone’s hope to die altering the timeline to make their own life better. Displeased that it took 27 torturous years to get her crew home, Admiral Janeway travels back in time help the crew traverse a Borg-infested nebula which contains a shortcut home.

She valiantly lays down her life to infect the Borg with a crippling virus to aid present day Voyager’s long-awaited return to Earth. It’s courageous and nothing less than we’d expect from the mighty Janeway, even if she did become a tea drinker.

1. Ramming Voyager into the Krenim Timeship

As seen in ‘Year of Hell, Part 2’ (Season 4, Episode 9)

It should be no surprise that this delightful death tops our list. After a year of crippling attacks from the Krenim, the perilous Janeway calmly states that time is up before ramming the carcass of Voyager into the Krenim timeship, putting an end to its 200-year reign of temporal tyranny.

The visual effects are stunning and it’s the perfect pay-off to all the shit Annorax put them through. The only downside to this whole affair is how long it took some so adept with time travel to deduce that destroying the timeship would erase its effect on the timeline. Surely that’s temporal mechanics 101? Well, perhaps 102 – this is a unique situation after all.

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