Let's Say Nice Things About 'Threshold'

Celebrating the greatest mess in
Star Trek history…


i'm the treklad.

I’m a British-based podcaster, YouTuber, writer, and lifelong Star Trek fan.

As a proud member of the positive and #AllTrek fan community I’m dedicated to exploring the aspects of the franchise that I enjoy to spread happiness and optimism across the fandom.

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Networking on
Nimbus III

Journey to Nimbus III and learn more about the wonderful people that make up our great Star Trek fan community.

‘Networking on Nimbus III’ is a laid back podcast series dedicated to giving a voice to the fans. Journey back to first Star Trek interactions, and listen as we relive amazing Star Trek memories.

No two stories are ever the same…

Latest podcasts

Networking on Nimbus III 014: Ketwolski

Join as we discuss the new era of Trek, talk about navigating the more negative side of the fandom, and imagine an unlikely but hilarious Trek/Lord of the Rings crossover…

Networking on Nimbus III 013: Wonderkrisp

Join us as we explore the expensive fun that is cosplay construction, debate the issues of episodic television, and come up with an idea that CBS/Paramount will surely want to use…


Two to Tanagra

Join Dan Decker and myself as we journey through the Star Trek universe…

From the days of the NX-01, to Discovery’s far-future adventures, Two to Tanagra is two friends’ fun and informal exploration of Star Trek…

and you’re invited on board!

Latest podcasts

Sleep Stories

sleepy trek

Spend your dreams in the stars with my sleep stories podcast series ‘Sleepy Trek’.

Each episode is a recreation of a classic Star Trek episode, with calm and soothing narration and a relaxing ambient soundscape.

So lie down, get comfortable and enjoy your relaxing journey to the final frontier…

Latest Sleep Stories

drunk podcast!

Star Trek and Booze

The Greatest Pairing since Kirk and Spock…

A drunken hybrid of podcast and Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Join Sean Ferrick and myself as we drunkenly commentate on Star Trek’s greatest moments.

Set a course for fun! Oh and don’t worry, we’re not driving.

Coming soon!


on Youtube

Join me as I explore the greatest franchise in the universe, one video at a time!

I’m currently working through a wildly ambitious ‘100 videos in 100 days challenge’, a challenge where I answer your questions on whole range of Star Trek related issues…

Come join me!

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Networking in 2020 has been difficult.
Star Trek Social Club is here to fix that.

Connect with fellow Star Trek (and general sci-fi) fans in a professional capacity. Make new business contacts, learn new techniques and shine a light on your business or craft!

Watch Star Trek With Me!

Watch Party

Connect with friends and make new ones, every Sunday with my Star Trek Watch Party…

Grab a laptop, turn on Chrome, fire up Netflix and join in the conversation. Watch Star Trek episodes in sync with friends every Sunday.

and don’t forget the popcorn!


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